Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sugarbowl - Cinnamon Buns

Thursday, July 30, 2009
We know we know, we haven't been quite consistent with the once a week post! We deeply apologize! With summer and all...well, you know how it is! We'll try to make it up to you these coming weeks, so please bear with us!

Where: Sugarbowl
Location: 10922 88 Ave
Phone #: 780-433-8369

I've never been a big fan of desserts, so while cinnamon buns are great (the icing is the best part, right?), they're definately not my favorite. We always go to Cinnabons (is that what it's called?) and buy like a dozen huge ones, end up freezing them, and they never really taste the same. Plus Bryan always end up finishing them before I even get to have 2!

Amanda, Bryan, and I went to the Sugarbowl one day quite by accident. We were supposed to go to the High Level Diner for brunch. We got to the Diner and brunch was over! Grumbling while walking back to the car, we were contemplating where they would serve brunch at 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday. And there it was - the Sugarbowl! Never heard of it, never tried it, so what the heck, we were hungry!

The first thing they told us was that the cinnamon buns were sold out. Amanda eyed the table next to us and said, "they must've gotten the last one! Look at how big it is! We have to come back!"

Not long after that, I read in a local magazine that these cinnamon buns are one of the must haves here in Edmonton. Needless to say, Cheap Chicks needed to go and investigate!

Sugarbowl is in a convenient location - close to Whyte Ave and close to the University. The atmostphere inside is super laid back with more varieties of beer than I could count - but that's for another post!

We went there bright and early one day, incase these cinnamon buns were going to be sold out again. The prices were right up our alley - they were only $3.50 each or $2.50 for half (but why bother? For $1 more, you can just get the whole one and pack half home!). When the cinnamon bun came, it didn't disappoint! It was HUGE! Like two-fist size! Unlike other cinnamon buns we've had, these ones had no icing. I was already a little worried - no icing? Really?

One bite into it, and I knew I could never go back to the way things were. These cinnamon buns were fresh and hot right from the oven! They were crispy on the outside coated with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, and super soft and a little bit gooey on the inside. Love butter? It just melts so nicely along the edges and add that extra yummy goodness to what's already perfection.

I have been raving about these cinnamon buns to my friends ever since. Just the other day, someone asked me if I held shares in this restaurant! For the record, I don't. I just really really love them!

With a cup of coffee, the total came to about $6 each with plenty to take home to enjoy later. Don't worry, a few seconds in the microwave or warm up in the oven, it's just as good as fresh! Not bad for a complete breakfast! You also have the option to add a fruit salad for those who feel guilty afterwards. But really, starve afterwards if you must, but set aside a morning to have one! I swear once you try these, you'll say goodbye to the old ones and never look back!

Oh, and we just found out today that they have increased their limit to 3 cinnamon buns per person, so buy one for yourself, one for your spouse, and one for your friends just because you love them that much!


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