Monday, May 11, 2009

Bellyfit Excercise Classes

Monday, May 11, 2009
Location: Legends Training Centre, 10581 107 St.
Price: FREE!!!
Bring: Indoor running shoes, yoga mat, and water
Date/Time: Every Monday/Wednesday in May from 5-6pm
Website: Sign up -
Information -

Remember the days when you ate whatever you wanted and still remained the size of a twig? When what you considered exercise was walking to fridge to get dessert? Well I don’t know about you but those days are gone for me. I turned 28 and my metabolism decided to shut down. It was like – That’s it we’re done! You are too old for me! …It left me for a younger woman. Unfortunately it did not take my appetite with it. So after about 6 months of denial, while I waited in vain for my beloved metabolism to return to me with my boyfriend making helpful comments like “maybe you are thirsty not hungry?” and me shooting back daggers with my eyes, I sucked it up and got a gym membership! The first of my entire life. The news sent shockwaves through my family and friends!

The problem is I am a social exerciser. The treadmill is my nemesis. My boyfriend describes me on it as “you look like you are being tortured and about to die!” So with that in mind Carly and I started looking for activities to do together. The problem was what to do. It seems like everyday there is a new fitness craze out. I work from home and see infomercials for them all day long. Sometimes I am really convinced that in just 10 minutes a day my stomach CAN look like Janet Jackson’s - circa the wardrobe malfunction, but alas I am not willing to spend the three easy payments of $29.99. Even if I am really getting a value of $150.00 I just cannot bring myself to call within the next 5 minutes. But the other day Carly stumbled across something local and …FREE. For the cheap chicks free is like a homing beacon. We don’t pass up free and it looked intriguing so we decided to try it out…

It’s called Bellyfit. According to the website it’s a “fusion fitness experience for women that blends the power and wisdom of ancient cultures, with the research, technology and trends of the modern world.” It’s basically an exercise class that combines ethnic dances, yoga, pilates, and meditation, and its being offered for free for the month of May because the instructor Hannah Shears has just finished her training and is doing her practicum. Carly and I signed up for the Wednesday class. Unfortunately we got there a bit late. The class was just starting, so we quickly threw our stuff down and ran to the back of the room to start the cardio portion of the class. To be honest the setup was not the greatest. Legends training centre is a mixed martial arts centre and there was other training going on at the same time. It was a bit loud and a little hard to hear the instructor at times but if you watch the person in front of you it’s pretty easy to figure out what you are supposed to do. Also I have to admit that since Legends’ primary consumers are men I was a little self conscious of shaking it in front of a bunch of guys, but after a while I pretty much forgot about them. The good news... the class was a lot fun! Carly and I had more than a few giggles while “serving it up” and “shaking our stuff”! And the best part is that that seemed perfectly ok. Everyone was exercising and dancing and having a giggle! I also definitely broke a sweat but didn’t feel overly challenged or out of breath. The 2nd half of the class was more yoga/pilates inspired. It was a little more relaxing but not quite meditation. Class ended with a traditional yoga namaste which always makes me feel good. I don’t know why, it could all be in my head, but it’s just a nice ending to the class instead of everyone just getting up and leaving.

More good news…because the space at legends is so large Hannah has decided to open up the classes. So even if you are signed up for the Wednesday class you can feel free to come on Monday if you need to or you can even come for both classes if you really want to. So come out and give bellyfit a try. It’s free what have you got to lose? Carly and I will be there perfecting our shimmies!


Beata said...

I teach in Saskatoon and there is another instructor training here now too :)
Have fun ;)

Astrid said...

The website to sign up wasn't active when I clicked. :( I'm really hoping to go. I took a trial class and it was awesome!!

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