Friday, June 19, 2009

Wecan Food Basket Society

Friday, June 19, 2009
First, I must apologize for not posting last week. It was a crazy week with business ventures, meetings, and conferences. I am sorry! I am going to make it up with this post and some news to watch out for this weekend! Please forgive me!

Location: Various throughout Edmonton
Price: $12 for meat, $8 for produce, or $20 for both

As much as Cheap Chicks like to go out and eat, sometimes a nice home-cooked meal is just as good if not better than restaurants. With Dan's Paella (best in town!) and Bryan's lasagna and famous Caesar salad (recipe available if requested!), it's a wonder sometimes why we leave home!

The Cheap Chicks, along with 10 others are pushing ourselves for the next 18 weeks with the Transformation Challenge! With that it means more fresh-cooked meals at home and less processed food at restaurants. With the economy the way it is, grocery cost is the only thing not going down. So Cheap Chicks went out and found you Wecan Food!

The Wecan Food Basket Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable and fresh food across Edmonton. You can buy fresh meat and produce each month for more than 25% lower than retail price!

The great thing about this program is that it's opened to EVERYONE because they believe that we all have a right to proper nutrition at an affordable price.

For a $5 annual membership fee, it allows you to place as many orders as you want. They have 3 options they provide: a fresh meat order for $12, fresh produce (includes both vegetables and fruit) for $8, or a complete order of both for $20. There is no limit as to how many orders you place! So whether you're a small or big family, we can always use fresh food!

WeCan has locations all through Edmonton, including surrounding areas like Leduc, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Drayton Valley, and Wetaskiwin. You place your order at the location closest to you by the first Friday of each month, and you get to pick up your order the third Thursday or Friday that month! This is perfect for some of us who may not budget all that great and still get fresh food before end of the month!

We got our first order in June, and I definately think we got our $20 worth! We got one whole pineapple, a bag of green apples, a bag of bananas, a cumcumber, a cauliflower, and a bag of potatoes. We also got 3 chicken thighs, half a kilogram of ground beef, and just over a kilogram of a pork roast. I know if we were to get this at the grocery store, we would be paying over $30! Not to mention this is good quality food!

Without the wonderful volunteers that put in many many hours each month, we would not be able to have affordable fresh food! They're always looking for more help and I encourage you to explore their website!

Don't have a Dan or a Bryan in the house? Have no fear! Check out this cool blog for fresh food recipe ideas! I'm sure you could use one or two!

Have you placed orders with them before? What was your experience like?


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